WAPT: Mississippi Economic Council kicks new flag campaign into high gear

Oct 16, 2020

The state’s business community is mounting a campaign in support of the new state flag design.

Voters will vote for or against what has been called the “Magnolia Flag” but formally called the “In God We Trust” flag on the ballot on Nov. 3 for the general elections.

Scott Waller is the president and CEO of the Mississippi Economic Council, which is the state’s chamber of commerce.

Waller said they have spoken out strongly in support of Mississippi adopting a new flag even before the state legislature retired the old flag with the Confederate battle emblem.

“We felt like it was a symbol that divided us as a state. it did not represent all of us, it did not put for the image that we know Mississippi has,” Waller said. “This had to be approached just like a campaign would be for if you were running a campaign for office. So we really have. We have been trying to get out information to all of the media channels that exist, television, radio you know, newspaper, social media.”

Waller said there is no way to calculate the millions of dollars Mississippi missed out on in business because of the old flag, but he sees the promise of better days ahead with a new state banner.

Click here to learn more about the symbolism of the new state flag.


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