Daily Corinthian Opinion: Clayton Stanley: New Flag Design Welcomes, Unifies

Oct 7, 2020

Next month residents of Mississippi have an opportunity to take a huge step in moving our state forward by voting ‘yes’ to the proposed “In God We Trust” flag to make it our new state flag. In June, the Executive Committee of The Alliance voted unanimously to support retiring the old state flag. I personally supported the bold action taken by the state legislature and believe it is imperative we approve this new flag and move forward together, united. Without question, the former flag was divisive and an obstacle in business recruitment, as many companies viewed the flag as objectionable. Retiring the old flag was the right thing to do for our citizens, our businesses and our future. Adopting the new flag is the final step Mississippians need to take to ratify this positive action.

An important aspect of embracing the proposed flag is that we simply need to get used to seeing it. So, to that end, we have decided to paint the proposed flag on a wall just outside of downtown Corinth. This week, local artist Cody Crotts will be painting a large-scale rendering of the proposed flag on the east side of the Corinth Mill Supply building on Tate Street. Painting the flag at this location provides an opportunity for many Corinth, Alcorn and area drivers to see what could soon be the official flag of our state. We invite you to take a picture and share it on social media with the hashtag #InGod WeTrustFlag. The more we see the proposed flag, the greater the chance we have of approving it next month and of embracing the flag for the future. To support this effort, there is also a large supply of 3’ x 5’ flags and stickers at The Alliance free to members who wish to display the “In God We Trust” flag at their business or on their vehicles.

When I look at “In God We Trust” flag, I feel a sense of pride. I’m proud the Mississippi State Legislature took the stance to retire the former flag because it was the right thing to do. I’m hopeful the citizens of Mississippi will complete the process and vote ‘yes’ to pass the proposed flag. November 4, 2020 could officially be the first day Mississippians wake up to stand together under a new, uniting flag. Let’s show the world we are a welcoming state that loves our neighbor. I encourage my fellow citizens to vote YES on the “In God We Trust” flag on November 3.

Clayton Stanley is president of The Alliance.


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